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Online Content

Regular blog articles and website updates increases SEO and rewards your potential customers with information, entertainment and a sense of belonging to your brand.

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Copy Writing

‘Blah Blah Blah’ is not what you want the first impression to be of your business. You want ‘WOW!‘ You need words that will engage, excite and encourage new customers.

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Email Campaigns

Emails are the best way to directly reach and inform your existing and potential customers of news, promotions and campaigns for your business.

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Social Media

Social Media is an essential part of your brand as it allows followers to interact with your business. However, it must be maintained and consistently updated.

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Content for your Business

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Think of content like a movie. Is the content for your business interesting and making your audience want more? Or is it something that will make them walk out of the cinema during the opening credits? Content is as much about informing as it is about entertaining. You want your customers to be engaged and keep coming back. You want them to write great reviews and to spread the word about how FANTASTIC your business is. Content encompasses so many aspects of your business from your website, through to your brochures. Your email campaigns through to your social media pages. Your blog articles through to your advertising. Every word you put out there is representing your business and portraying your brand. This is where I can help.


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