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About Me


My first published work was in 1986 when I was 7 years old. I had written a story about my teachers selected topic ‘the olden days’.  The winning story had the great honour of being typed out on a real electronic TYPEWRITER– yes, back in 1986 it was pretty amazing to see your words printed on a page like a real book. My story was chosen from all of the other little Grade 2 students at Tea Tree Gully Primary School and the finished product was presented to me with a shiny gold sticker and written congratulatory note from my school principal. That was my first taste of what it felt like to be a PUBLISHED author and I remember liking it . . A lot!

In 1988 I came second in a story-writing competition held by the Albert Shire Libraries on the Gold Coast for a story called the ‘Merry Mob.’ I smile as I read through my carefully handwritten SCRIBE and revisit the tale of Puss In Boots, a donkey, Jack (without his beanstalk) a Gingerbread Man and a menagerie of other various fairy tale characters all trying to get some new clothes for a bossy Emperor who wanted to go to Rapunzel’s wedding. The story did however, lack a green ogre. Perhaps this is why I didn’t win FIRST place.

Since then my writing has travelled almost as much as my passport. I have received a Diploma of Business & Marketing (Marketing & Creative Advertising) through the AUSTRALIAN COLLEGE OF JOURNALISM.  I have studied screen writing with the AUSTRALIAN FILM TELEVISION AND RADIO SCHOOL I have studied Writing for Social Media through QUT and am currently studying Certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing.  My words have been printed in magazines, newspapers, brochures and most recently the world wide web on a host of websites, blogs and social media pages. I am constantly educating myself (and will continue to do so) on this POWERFUL MARKETING and lifestyle tool – the written language. My advantage as a copywriter is I simply LOVE TO WRITE. Not only that, I love to learn and research is absolutely paramount when it comes to understanding new and relevant content that your target market can relate to.

I am grateful every day for the direction my life has lead me with a fantastic hubby, two Amazing kids (with a capital ‘A’) and our own business which gives me my essential CREATIVE outlet for writing. If variety is the spice of life, I have the Masterfoods of content in my daily routine. I can start my day writing about immigration laws, have a cuppa while I whip out an article on a new collection gorgeous kaftans then finish up the day with a post on Facebook about A BABY SHARK CALLED ‘BRUCE.” Yes, I am a pretty lucky gal!


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