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Shock Content – and is it necessary?

Yesterday I read a recently published online article by a major news outlet about a tragic incident that happened on the Gold Coast in 1990 to a young teenage couple.  The man who committed the atrocity against the two was found, charged, convicted and is still in jail. It’s a sad ending to an unnecessary […]

Where your writing is REALLY coming from – discovering your family roots

As a little side project, I have been creating content and managing the social media for the newly published children’s book ‘The Tooth And The Sixpence.” This project is special to me because the book’s author is indeed my wonderful Grandmother, Eillea Mayfield. Grandma is now 89 and whilst she is a whiz talking on […]

Copywriting 101: How to make unfamiliar content familiar

I love my job and the diversity it offers me. On a daily basis I can write a website update on childhood obesity, a blog article on Australia’s new immigration laws and a Facebook post giving tips on First Aid practices. Whilst variety is the spice of life, it can also offer a challenge to […]

Creating your brand through your words

When you see the name Hugh Grant on a movie poster, what immediately comes to mind? I’m guessing probably a romantic comedy.  How about downloading a Celine Dion album? Are you expecting R&B or more soulful music? The same can be said for writing. Writers and authors need to create a certain style of writing […]

The Tiger Who Came to Tea and fled the Nazi’s

It never ceases to amaze me how stories find me. Last night I was embarking on clearing up the spare room of our house which had inadvertently turned into a dumping ground. I needed some background noise to help complete this colossal task so I switched on some talk-back radio for a change of pace […]

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