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Copywriting 101: How to make unfamiliar content familiar

Apr 27, 2016   //   by Kelly Malloy   //   Content creation, Finding inspiration, Latest News, Writing Tips  //  No Comments

I love my job and the diversity it offers me. On a daily basis I can write a website update on childhood obesity, a blog article on Australia’s new immigration laws and a Facebook post giving tips on First Aid practices. Whilst variety is the spice of life, it can also offer a challenge to copywriters who need to become instant ‘experts’ on topics that are very foreign to in their current knowledge base.

So how can you make unfamiliar content familiar? Here’s some tips:

  1. Accept the challenge: If a client needs someone who is familiar with laser skin-care treatments, accept it.  You will be amazed at how quickly you can learn if you set your mind to it.
  2. Spend time with the client: There is nothing more important than face-to-face content and conversation with your client – even if it is via Skype. This is essential to not only accurately understand their needs for content, but how they actually speak.  You’ll very quickly be able to determine if they’re style is casual or articulate and this will give you a clue on what style of writing they will appreciate and relate to.
  3. Read: See what your clients competition are doing right and what is working for their website and content.  Follow social media pages to see what is engaging people in that industry and especially the terminology people use.  Some industries feel like they’re speaking a different language, particularly if they’re very specialized in their field. Understand what is out there and how people who are affiliated with that service are talking.
  4. Research! There is no excuse for poor research. In 2016 we have an unprecedented amount of knowledge literally at our finger tips! The internet not only has an answer for everything but means in which you can contact people and ask for advice through forums and social media groups. You can even try the old fashioned way of actually going out into the industry you’re righting about and having a more hands on approach.

Above all, remember to enjoy and embrace the challenge.  It’s a gift to be able to write for a living and knowledge, no matter shape or form is a reward in itself.

Make your words count. KM.

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