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Creating your brand through your words

Mar 10, 2016   //   by Kelly Malloy   //   Content creation, Latest News, Writing Tips  //  No Comments

When you see the name Hugh Grant on a movie poster, what immediately comes to mind? I’m guessing probably a romantic comedy.  How about downloading a Celine Dion album? Are you expecting R&B or more soulful music?

The same can be said for writing. Writers and authors need to create a certain style of writing so their readers and clients know what to expect.  The style of your F. Scott Fitzgerald is a long way away from the style of Helen Fielding and their readers know that.

Focusing on not just your content but your style of writing is just as important as you are building your brand through your words. So how do you make your style of writing your brand?

Write how you talk: Your unique creative personality is the reason you are writing and not studying to be a mechanic (or maybe you’re doing both?!). Think of how you talk to your friends and how they would describe you. A thinker? Life of the party? Compassionate? An ideas person? These attributes are what you need to hone into because they are the real you and the reason people like you. Your personality is your POD – Point Of Difference.

Create a lingo or tagline: Rove McManus finished everyone one of his television shows signing off with “Say Hi to your Mum for me.” This is a fantastic way of creating a personality and creating a brand. Finish everyone of your articles, or even add it on to your email signature – with a sign off, quote, anything that sets you apart from the rest.

Observe: Take some time and check out other copywriters, content creaters, SEO experts etc and try and figure out what their Point Of Difference is and why people would chose them over you. Watch their online interaction and try to pinpoint what their brand is and who their clientele will be. You will learn a lot about your writing by observing others in the industry.

Create your online presence: If you speak with any marketing guru usually their first piece of advice with branding is to keep it consistent.  As a writer, this means both visually and content wise, your style needs to be creating a known personality and a ‘brand’ that people want to be affiliated with.  Ensure your website and your social media platforms are all delivering the same message and attracting the clients you want to work for.  You need to keep your content on all of your online platforms updated and accurate so people can find you.

Write for yourself: As a copywriter your job is to create content for other people’s businesses which is an amazing opportunity to learn so much more about different industries you would otherwise never hear about.  When you get busy, your own projects will always get thrown to one side and this is not good for your craft. Creativity thrives on creativity so ensure you are allowing yourself a bit of time each week to work on your own best-seller or blockbuster!

Make your words count.  KM.

Gold Coast copywriter


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