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My lost New Years Resolution – Based on a true story.

Jan 7, 2016   //   by Kelly Malloy   //   Family life and words, Finding inspiration, Latest News, Writing Tips  //  No Comments

Ten years ago, I spent New Years Eve with a small group of friends in the carport of our two-bedroom home. The table we were sitting around was actually a table tennis table and my fiance’ (now husband), came up with a great little game for us to play – over drinks of course. Keep in mind, this was before the age of us living on our mobile phones and updating our status every five minutes. The game was simple, everyone had to write down three New Years Resolutions and then place them in a glass bowl.

We would then take in turns of retrieving one of these pieces of paper, read out the content then try and guess who’s resolution it was.  The idea behind it was not only how well we knew each other but also making us somewhat accountable to each other to fulfill these resolutions.  In 2006, my resolution was to finish writing my novel.

Hmmmm. Weddings, funerals, travel, a new house, a new business, a new dog and two kids later my poor resolution is still patiently – if not sadly – sitting in the back row of my priorities, waiting. My New Years resolution of finishing a book that had been randomly attended to was starting to fade as was the urge to complete it. My inspiration was replaced by duties and ‘life’ and then it became completely lost. I couldn’t find it, even if I had wanted to.

It’s now 2016 and for whatever reason, my lost resolution started to give me clues on it’s whereabouts. I did a massive clean out of one of our cupboards last week and found a box of my writing. Ranging from primary school fiction to bits of torn out paper with ideas for movies scrawled across it in black biro. My resolution was back and I successfully dug it out from underneath the pile of distractions and excuses that started to become my normal way of thinking. I have committed to extending the same courtesy to my resolution as I have applied to many other things in my life and actually spend some time on it.

However, like myself, my resolution has slightly matured and somewhat changed shaped from its initial form way back in 2006.  I am still committed to writing and completing my first book but it’s content and my reason for doing it, is completely different.

I am hoping 2016 will the year that I can start making a difference to many things in many ways.  So please accept these words as my slip of paper retrieved from a glass bowl “This year I will finish writing my book.” And I am happy for you to make me accountable for these words and not let them lie dormant for another ten years.

Happy 2016 x

New Year Resolution - finish my book

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