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Blog articles, website content, SEO, brochures, magazine articles, professional profiles, editorials, booklets, press releases – there is A LOT to do when it comes to copy writing and it can easily become very overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to run your own business. Original and updated content is becoming one of the most crucial elements to have in order for any online business to survive. Lucky for you, I LOVE to write and can offer an experienced and reputable copy writing service to cater to your every need.

Copy Writing. . .

‘Blah Blah Blah’ is not what you want the first impression to be of your business. You want ‘WOW!‘ When it comes to writing about your own business I understand that no-one will know your business better than you but can you put this knowledge and information into a format which will ENCOURAGE people to use your services? Content must be engaging as well as accurate. While words don’t seem as exciting as images to look at, words are what makes your brand. From a catchy slogan through to descriptive blurbs on your products, words are everything and you have to get them right.Get a Quote!


Blogs and Online Content. . .

Think of a website that you visit regularly or a blog that you follow.  You visit that website and blog for many reasons . . . it’s interesting, it’s engaging, you like the brand, the list goes on. But above all of that, you are following that website because the content is regularly updated and you know you will find something new and EXCITING each time you visit. This is where I can help. Regular blog articles and website updates reward your visitors (and potential customers) with information, entertainment and a sense of belonging to your brand. Websites who update their website with relevant and useful information and blogs that are rich with new and exciting content also receive a big star with their SEO from search engines such as GOOGLE and are often ranked more favourably.Get a Quote!


Social Media

Social Media is the beast that never sleeps. There will be someone online and scrolling through posts at any given moment of the day. It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep at the forefront of your followers news feeds but one thing that does help keep a strong presence is CONSISTENCY. If you have a business Facebook page and update it once every two weeks, it may as well not be there. Social media moves so fast and there are a lot of businesses who pour ridiculous amounts of money into social media campaigns in an attempt to reach the masses. The thing is social media does work as long as it’s REGULARLY maintained with posts that are encouraging your followers to interact with your brand and ultimately pay for your services. This is where I can help.Get a Quote!


Email Campaigns

Everyone has an email address and pretty much everyone has access to their email address 24/7.  Email campaigns are the best way to directly reach and inform your existing and potential customers of news, promotions and campaigns for your business. Emails can be tailored to a specific group of your customers or invite a generic call-to-action for your entire email database. The trick is though, you need to grab their attention FAST! People can receive dozens if not sometimes hundreds of emails a day so yours needs to stand out from the masses. This is where I can help.Get a Quote!


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