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Why is handwritten so much better than typing?

Feb 8, 2016   //   by Kelly Malloy   //   Content creation, Family life and words, Finding inspiration, Latest News, Writing Tips  //  No Comments

I read an interview many years ago with Sir Jeffrey Archer and there was one particular revelation that stuck with me. Despite the convenience offered through computers and technology in general, Sir Archer continues to write all of his novels by hand.  This has become such an intrinsic part of his writing ritual that he uses a new black ink gel pen every single morning.

Although this process may seem tedious and un-necessary, 150 books later and sales of over 270 million publications world-wide goes to show that there is definitely proof in the pudding when it comes to putting pen to paper.

This proof is reaffirmed to me on a personal level whenever I receive a hand-written letter (yes they do still exist!). My letters are usually written between one of two authors; my darling Nanna who despite being over ninety and suffering from arthritis still manages to hand a birthday card for me every year as well as Christmas cards for the whole family; and my beautifully creative 6-year-old daughter.

My daughter has loved to write before she even knew how and regularly leaves little notes professing her love to me, her daddy, her brother or all three of us. Reading these meaningful words of emotion through her very carefully structured hand-writing on pieces of coloured paper, constantly tugs my heart strings.

So why is handwritten so much better than typed words when it comes to creating content?

It’s personal: The fact that there is such as a profession as a ‘Hand-writing expert’ reinforces that there is so much more to the written word that we see. The style of our writing in addition to the content, gives a personal insight to who we are, how we think and how we see the world.

It’s makes you accountable: Texting, typing – it’s all pretty in-personal but not only that, it’s so easy! Predictive texting, spell check all of these systems that are designed to help us are in fact hindering us and making us very VERY lazy. Grabbing a pen and putting it paper makes us 100% accountable for the content – no blaming technology for a miscommunication.

It’s deliberate: When you are writing as opposed to typing, you are giving your brain a chance to preempt your next thought in a timely fashion. Touch typing demands your brain to be fast-paced and hasty in it’s thought process.  Taking the time to actually write will allow your ideas to come at a much more natural and organic pace. In this demanding age of technology and distractions, the best ideas will surface from those who take to the time to appreciate their formation.

Although hand-written communication is a dying art (Exhibit A: declining number of Christmas cards received each year), that little stomach jump I get when I find a hand-written letter on my bedside table or in my letterbox – as opposed to the windowed envelopes –  will never fail to excite me.  And I really hope that somehow, handwriting will make a comeback.

Make your words count. KM.

Kelly Malloy Copywriter birthday cards and why they are special

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